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The first rule of write club…

The Maximus Group

Though just a handful of really rough pages, this is the beginning of a book I wrote almost a decade ago.  Now that Memories of the Future is about to be … Continue reading

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A new type of post for me

This was inspired by a dream… The Ethereal Her & Private She Her dark playful eyes penetrate my soul like a shock of light on the darkest of nights, Her … Continue reading

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Remembering my Sister, 30 years later…

Thirty years ago today, six of my high school classmates from Palmer H.S. carried my sister’s casket from the altar, through the doors of Corpus Christi Catholic Church, into a … Continue reading

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Elevator Pitch for Memories of the Future

Sometimes a second chance doesn’t turn out as planned, even if you know what to expect the second time around. Frank Dougan and Samantha Westlake go to bed in separate rooms … Continue reading

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The Dick

Drake, how in the hell did you get yourself into these dumbass positions?  Damn women, I’ll never learn. I thought to myself looking around the decently, and clearly maid-free, furnished garage … Continue reading

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The Old Man from Knoxville

In the late afternoon, when the sun looked for the safety of another horizon, the old truck made its way along the dusty road toward the pass. The old man … Continue reading

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The State of the Mind’s Union

My Friends, It’s been too long between missives. Last year I made the decision to be a starving artist and try my hand at professional novel writing, granted by force, … Continue reading

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